22 April, 2016

An Emergence of Waterproof Patches to Boost in Pain Relief Patches Industry

 Pain relief patch is a patch stuck on body parts used for temporary relief from mild to extreme pain. Most of the products are designed to provide relief from pain up to 12 hours. Major ingredients used in patches are methanol and methyl salicylate. Temporary relief from joint aches and pains is provided with the help of patches containing pain fighting ingredients. Applications include strains on muscles, arthritis, simple backache, bruises, sprains, and others. Patches are strictly used for external applications. Its application on rashes, wounds, or damaged skin is hazardous.

Pain relief patches have become popular majorly among athletes and fitness industry. People are preferring patches over pain killers as it does not cause any side effects, such as liver damage, gastric irritation, and others. Furthermore, patches do not stick to cloths, so it can be used under any type of clothing. Some waterproof patches provide relief even in wet conditions. Technological advancements have enabled manufacturers to develop non-greasy, non-sticky, and waterproof patches that are suitable even in extreme conditions. This is the major reason for its increasing adoption in fitness and sports industry.

Viopatch’s herbal transdermal patch:
There are different types of patches based on material used for the production of patches. A pain relief patch from Viopatch is an herbal transdermal patch. It helps in providing relief from inflammation and musculoskeletal pain for a period of 12 hours after application. Another product by the company, Viopatch+ has bigger size and higher dosage that relieves pain on locally applied area.

NFI’s New Pain Relief patch – Lidocare:
The manufacturers of Blue-Emu launched a new pain relief patch named Lidocare, which is the only water-free lidocaine patch available. NFI Consumer Products have joined forces with Prosolus Inc. to develop unique products for the OTC market after the success of their product line, Blue-Emu.

"After the triple digit growth Blue-Emu® has experienced, we are truly excited about continuing to provide pain relief to all of our NFI consumers through this launch" CEO, Susan Gregory. NFI’s acquisition of Blue-Emu has been a major step in attaining the number one position from the 10th largest dollar item in its respective category.

EVP Sales and Marketing, Benjamin Blessing said, "Blue-Emu® had an exceptional consumer base when we acquired the brand; it just needed a group to add fuel to the fire to raise consumer awareness. With this new launch, our company will now have over six products at national retailers to provide our consumers with relief."

Analysts studying the industry provide insights and significant statistics on changing market trends. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled, “2016 Pain Relief Patches Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario.” The report provides an extensive analysis of drivers & opportunities, competitive scenario, key manufacturers, and industry chain structure of the global pain relief patches industry with a spotlight on the Chinese industry. Furthermore, the study also offers insights on key manufacturers, capacity, consumption volume, and growth rate of the industry.

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