19 April, 2016

Advances in Silicone Sealants Engineering to Foster The RTV Silicone Industry Growth

RTV (room temperature vulcanization) silicone is a type of silicone rubber manufactured from a two-component system–base and curative–can be made in varying degrees of hardness. Having unique release properties in comparison to other mold rubbers, the product has widespread applications in casting of resins. Having excellent resistance to chemicals and able to withstand very high temperature, the product offerings in the RTV silicone industry have wide ranging application for various industrial and art related functions; these include making prototypes, different types of furniture, art sculpture and various architectural elements. Advances in silicone adhesives and innovations in engineering of specialized materials have led to the products having various application in making high-end sealants.

They can act as quick-fixes and as effective fillers in the gutter gaps and preventing the annoying liquid dribble. Owing to their high thermal and mechanical stress properties make the RTV silicones as useful candidate in varied industrial applications such as aviation, aerospace, consumer electronics; prominent of them include in making engine electronics potting, and gasketing. However, high cost of the materials especially that of platinum-cure RTV silicone, and properties like high cure inhibition are the factors that tend to restrain its applications.

Recent applications of the RTC silicone has shifted to being used in traditional mechanical sealing system such as traditional gasket to Formed-In-Place Gasket (FIPG) applications in automotive sector. Proper controlling the surface condition by molecular cleaning of the surface at the molecular level is necessary to make the process a success. In addition, maintain the proper time in between the processing and application of the RTC adhesives is also a crucial factor in all of these applications. Formation of RTV silicone through catalyzed though costly is preferred than tin catalyst as it leaves no byproducts.

Manufacturers across the regions are looking for identifying root causes that inhibit the curing properties of the adhesive and make it failure while being used in adhesives in pipes and as sealants in various surfaces. Witnessing the immense growth opportunities in the RTV silicone industry, Prof Research Report has added a report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese RTV Silicone Industry, 2009-2019”.

The study highlights changing key market dynamics, growth opportunities and insights into technological developments in advanced materials along with strategy of key market players to consolidate their market positions across various regions with a special focus on China.

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