14 April, 2016

Low Cost and Wide-Ranging Applications of Acrylic Fibers to Boost the Market Growth Across Regions

Acrylic considered as a generic name for various man-made fibers and yarns from acrylic resins. These synthetic fibers are made using polymer called polyacrylonitrile using the main raw material Acrylonitrile. Having a high elastic recovery and breaking elongation as high as typically 15% and excellent thermal stability offers numerous advantages– it easy to wash; dry quickly, wrinkles free, resist moths and mildew, along with having a high resistance towards bleaching agents. Various uses of the acrylic fiber are I making Sweater, blankets, carpets, rugs and other wrinkle free materials. However, special precautions are to be taken while washing and drying the item and due to formation of static electricity.

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A key factor constraining the growth of the acrylic fiber market is stiff competition faced by carbon fibers. Though carbon fiber act as strong and stiff reinforcement to be used as advanced composites, the high cost involved in making the end product along with intensive technology used in making carbon fibers are factors that favors the adoption of acrylic fibers over the carbon one. Furthermore, acrylic fibers having similar chemistry can be produced on a commodity basis for various clothing and carpets along with the production of high-volume products; these factors enable acrylic fiber to be predominantly used as a type "PAN" precursor for expensive carbon fiber.

To be classified as acrylic fiber in the U.S, the polymer should mandatorily contain at least 85% acrylonitrile monomer. The first acrylic fibers were first created by Dupont Corporation in 1941 and trademarked under the name "Orlon" and since then there have been continuous technological advances in the composite materials that have enhanced the functionalities of the fibers. Recently, a Turkish company Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş. (AKSA), the world’s biggest manufacturer of acrylic fibers, has placed has placed a massive order with the manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo for the supply of 99 MW Steam turbine Genset.

This is a milestone development in the acrylic acid market, since its energy supply of the plant that lies in close proximity to Istanbul, is considered as one of the largest production sites for global acrylic fibers worldwide; the new genset will boost the production capacity of the acrylics worldwide. Such and other developments and their impact on the market status of the acrylic fiber is offered in the report added by Prof Research titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Acrylic Fiber Industry”.

The report tracks the changing market dynamics, recent product launches, technological advancements in the fibers industry along with offering insights into current and emerging trends in the market.

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