19 April, 2016

Integrating Motivational Science with Health Awareness for Exercise Bike Industry

The Chinese exercise bike industry moves beyond global trends of training with an interactive display. Focus now lies on time-optimized multi-tasking.
Healthy body and mind is latest of all trends in global lifestyles. Populations now incline towards eating light, while exercising right. However, work environment in urban atmosphere provides less scope for realizing both possibilities. Considerable increase in after-hours spent at gym has been registered. Personal training at these facilities require membership plans heavy on the pockets. In order to maximize the time spent at home, manufacturers of exercise bikes introduced interactive displays. These related distance travelled along with the calories burnt in due course, while keeping a track on vital physical signals. Eventually market grew for private gym equipment, out of which exercise bikes dominated the demand segment.

Despite all the awareness campaigns and heavy demand, declined usage of equipment came into light. Inconsistency in exercise routines made manufacturers rethink the environment for users. Market innovations resulted, where entertainment plus gaming pursuits met exercise bikes on the virtual platform. The entire concept of working out while being able to guide personal avatars through exciting levels of their favorite game was alluring. The idea spread virally among global users and gained lifestyle acceptance.

Chinese innovators in the exercise bike industry, although saw potential in exhausting physical energy for better purposes. Around 11 students from Dalian Nationalities University in China took forward the idea of energy conversion in cycling bikes to yet another level. They developed the Bike Washing Machine (B.W.M), that could tap the rotation of paddles to wash clothes as in a conventional washing machine. B.W.M has a rotating compartment installed at the hind wheel of the exercise bikes for tumbling dirty clothes and detergent infused water.
"When you ride this bike, the pedaling motion causes the drum of the washing machine to rotate," the designers explain. "At the same time, the extra electricity generated can be used to power the display screen or stored for future rides."

The idea, however, remains in its development stage as of now and has still a long way to see the light of commercial market. Nonetheless, it has opened a novice perspective for developing hybrid models where you can make use of your invested energy for more than just charging your cellphones, or play music.

In line of standing desks and derived office installations, which require special managerial permissions, another innovation comes from the Chinese exercise bike industry. Compact pedaling devices that can be discreetly placed under office desks have also hit the market. Cubii, DeskCycle, and Stamina Inmotion Compact Strider are some of the compact assemblies which have been tested during work hours in designated fashion. Users report the experience to be less than comfortable with current design, at the same time suggesting modifications. Moreover, they face concentration issues with such distraction. However, the industry stays positive of improved user experience that shall come with practice.

Sundry product innovations, such as this, by product manufacturers render relevant market growth. Prof Research recently added a report on “2016 Exercise Bike Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario” mapping existing market structure as well as pipeline business verticals. The report

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