12 April, 2016

Photographer Captured Wonders of Organic Life Under the Microscope

Microscope magnifies the objects that are extremely small to see through a naked eye for the purpose of investigation. There are different types of microscopes, such as electron, optical, ultramicroscope, and others, which are selected based upon application. The optical microscope was the first microscope invented. The science of inspecting small objects under the microscope is known as microscopy. Furthermore, microscope had been used for the purpose of photography by a German photographer.
Carl Strüwe, a German graphic designer and photographer had begun exploring an organic life under microscope in 1920s. He also developed his own technique to capture photographs that can be used in biology textbooks, scientists, and art lovers. Mr. Strüwe did not get fame during his lifetime. But, over the past decades, his photographs of spermatozoa, diatoms, and other lives under the microscope have gained fame for its authenticity.

In the beginning, he started taking photographs that could magnify up to 2,000 times. The view was rounded under traditional microscopes, so he used a technique to form a scene. By cutting black pieces of paper into rectangular shape, he set them over an organic matter in his slides. In the end, he kept camera at an eye of microscope and captured photographs of scenes he formed under the microscope.

“The thoughtful way that he positioned his subjects in the microscope — his canvases — is what made his work so pioneering,” said Gottfried Jäger, a photographer in Bielefeld, Germany, and the administrator of Mr. Strüwe’s estate. Mr. Strüwe could make little impact outside Germany due to his inability to communicate in any other language than German and lack of resources.

Mr. Jäger continued, “He was a poor man, not very successful with his work during his own life.” He made some appearances in the United States during his lifetime, such as a Brooklyn Museum show in 1949. Photos taken by him were included in biology textbooks in 1957 edition. “They open a window in this fantastic, non-visible world,” he wrote in an email. “He visualizes its meaning and beauty as its own reality.”

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