31 May, 2016

Self-Righting Vacuum Cleaners to Change the Course of the Industry

Vacuum cleaner is a device used for cleaning purposes in household and industrial applications. An air pump creates a vacuum that sucks up dust and stores in a dirtbag for later disposal. Some of the vacuum cleaners are used to trap dirt and liquids as well. Technological innovations have led manufacturers to introduce more features in their products for providing convenience and flexibility. The size and features are important parameters manufacturers are focusing on for presenting best products that fulfill customer needs. A variety of sizes and models are available in market that uses various technologies for efficient operation.

Dyson has launched the first of its kind vacuum cleaner Dyson Cinetic Big Ball, that eliminates trapped dust & dirt from dust canister. Its flexibility is one of the best features as it moves in three different directions. New features, such as self-righting, hygienic dirt ejector, and articulated handle have been introduced in this new machine. In conventional vacuum cleaners, users need hold it to avoid toppling over while dragging from one place to another. But, Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball has a self-righting feature that enables it to adjust itself to avoid falling.

Matthew Knight, a vacuum cleaner expert says, “I have seen this self-righting mechanism in action. In the name of research, I spent some time trying to topple the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball to see if it corrected itself, which I am happy to report that it did, every single time. And in case you were wondering, it still worked after I was finished.” Engineers used gravitation force mechanism in order to keep upright position of device while dragging. Another feature of this device that eliminates the process of cleaning bag after emptying is hygienic dirt ejector. A silicone collar rolls down inside dirt container and cleans dirt inside the bag. The articulated handle moves in three different directions to enable flexible cleaning and convenience.

Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley startup announced the release of the XV-11, a robotic vacuum cleaner, which costs $399. It uses an onboard laser sensor for mapping the size of a room. The XV-11 expected to a tough completion to iRobot’s Roomba. SLAM technology is used for mapping the room with the help of onboard laser rangefinder. In addition, it provides a longer battery life, better sweeping system, and enhanced usability for users. Rapid and thorough cleaning is possible due to room mapping feature. Innovation in products and flexibility in use are important parameter that will drive the global vacuum cleaner market.
Analysts are studying the current market status and revealed an extensive information & insights in the research reports. Prof Research Reports has added a report titled, “2016 Vacuum Cleaner Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario.” The report offers a comprehensive analysis on manufacturing technology, drivers & opportunities, key manufacturers, and economical effects on the industry. Furthermore, it also provides a valuable information on capacity, production, growth rate, market share, and investment feasibility analysis of the industry.

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