26 May, 2016

Applications of Nodulizers Gaining Prominence Across Various Metallurgical Processes

Nodulizing is the process of consolidating ore fines, different concentrates and other ores for smelting by employing processes such as sintering, pelletization, and briquetting. Nodulizing is gaining prominence in various metallurgical applications since it enhances the metallurgic properties of the ore by changing the chemical composition; it eliminates various harmful impurities, including sulfur and volatile gases, and increases mechanical strength and reducibility along with improving mechanical properties. The entire process lends a porous structure to the materials resulting in formation of pellets and agglomerates and makes it more useful in different casting processes.

Nodulizer as a molten iron additive to separate graphite from cast iron in spheroidal structures and has emerged as the primary method of accessing ductile iron in ores. Compared to other additives, it can significantly accelerate the process of spheroidization of graphite matrix through casting, thereby promoting the formation of graphite nodule. Not only this, applications of suitable type of nodulizer reduces the defects of nodular cast iron improving its usability, its application reduces the aggregate investment cost and increases the production efficiency. These applications have added to the momentum of market growth across various sectors such as aerospace, defense, automobile, machinery and wind power.

Common rare earth materials and yttrium-based heavy rare metals are two most prominent nodulizers; the former type is made of lanthanum and cerium and has applications in most castings, while the latter is used largely in ductile iron castings in various heavy sections. Other types include alloy-like nodulizer, core line nodulizer, and power nodulizer.

Various iron foundries choose the most appropriate type of nodulizer based on their products requirement and production process involved in making them. The market demand of nodulizers in various regions, especially China, depends on the cost of alloy. Most nodulizers are not used alone but as an auxiliary element. The market dynamics of the global and Chinese nodulizer industry is driven by investment trends in metallurgical technology and advancements in nodulizer process. Witnessing the immense growth opportunities in the market, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Nodulizer Industry, 2011-2021 Market Research Report”. The analysis offers in-depth and comprehensive insights into current and emerging trends, competitive landscape scenario, profile of key market players along with detailed segmentation and forecasts.

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