19 May, 2016

Co-operative R&D Biome Fosters Piston Ring Wire Industry

Piston ring wire vendors in industry, break performance enhancement barriers through strategic co-operation with engine manufacturers.

A piston ring is a sacrificial component used in IC engines to support piston function for two- and four-wheeler vehicles. They are classified into two major types as per global markets: oil control rings and compression rings. Essential construction materials include metal alloys or polymer wires, ensuring high-degree precision for cross-sectional dimensions of the same.

Obligatory to the continuous back-and-forth movement of cylinder, piston ring wire is required to seal in the gas, conduct heat to walls for surface dissipation, and controls flow of lubricant oil. The application environment demands explicitly for involvement of robust materials with extreme tribological properties in manufacturing.

Material suitability for piston ring wires

Resistance to high-temperatures, cryogenic environment, corrosive elements, and deformation under high pressures are performance requisites of wire materials. While super alloys and other metal alloys match up to some, or all of these requirements, polymers act best where excellent sealing is needed in low temperature atmosphere. As is clear, first crucial stage of ring wire development is understanding the application segment.

Suitably, most appropriate material is chosen for the job considering possible interactions with neighboring components. Materials include cast iron & its alloys, stainless & high-grade steel alloys, and super alloys from nickel & cobalt. Starter materials such as scraps and recycled metal may be reused for the same purpose. Bending is performed on the developed precision shaped wires or rods, a process technically referred to as coiling. After that, the wire is cut into a substantial ring shape with appropriate cut for end gap.

High fidelity construction of ring wire

High silicon and chromium content is maintained in industrial processes to enhance hardness factor in steel rings. Gas nitriding is a heat treatment procedure, often performed for hardening rings for high performance applications. Cost optimization is a necessary concern, with regard to the fact they are not reusable, and require regular replacements.

Great amount of detailing goes into designing and forging these in a controlled environment to minimize wastage. Durability gains center to focus during entire process to eliminate faulty and low performance units. Experimenting with material composition, as well as metric variations in wire shapes enhances workability. Market vendors aggressively refine their shaping technologies to add minute definitions to cross-sectional profile of the wires.

Piston ring wire industry: co-operative competition

Existence of a two-way feedback is a must between wire vendors and engine manufacturers. Contemporary players on both ends extend development co-ordination for mutual benefits, that results from power-efficient IC engines. Prof Research has added a report on “2016 Piston Ring Wire Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario”.

The report presents a typical analysis of statistics denoting global market size and structure. It includes major growth drivers as well as restraints, effectively outlining opportunity segments prevalent in the industry. Detailed company profiling of major manufacturers and vendors in the business add up to rebuild stakeholder’s perspective of the market. Findings of the report assist strategize investment patterns, based upon recent and upcoming trends.

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