13 May, 2016

Nitinol Ultrafine Medical Wire Gaining Widespread Applications in Making Orthodontics and Stents

Wire of varying shapes and diameter—fine wire, ultrafine wire and braided wire—are wire products that are made from various alloys of stainless steel and other special materials. They have a range of applications across end-use industries such as medical, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, chemical processing, electronics, among many others. Medical ultrafine wire has microscopic cross section and find immense applications in designing a spectrum of medical tools and equipment ranging from orthopedic implants and diagnostic devices to hypodermic needles and surgical instruments. Technological advancements in healthcare industry have led to the demand of various high-end precision thin wires for making surgical implants and diagnostic equipment. The product offerings come in round and flat shapes are also extensively serve the purpose for making braided steel shaft tubing and various rotating surgical devices.

Nitinol wire is fast emerging segment which are made from near equal atomic weight percentage of elements Nickel and Titanium. Considered superior to other conventional medical-grade fine wires made from stainless steel, they are gaining traction across orthodontic applications due to capability to provide desired teeth alignment, with minimum visits to dentists. Nitinols wires can be optimized to promote superb smooth and uniform surface finish quality, mainly due to constancy of stress property over a wide strain range. Apart from that, Nitinol ultrafine wires have the potential to recover up to 8% strain—almost 16 times more than conventional stainless steel. These properties also make the wires suitable for making high-end implants and surgical tools, such as self-expanding stents, embolic protection filters and vascular guidewires. Fort Wayne Metals, Indiana-based global manufacturer of wire that serve across various end-users has recently launched Septal Occuluder for specialized application; they are used to rectify atrial septal defects among young children and patients suffering from complicated health issues. Other prominent manufacturers are actively involved in making perfectly straight wire that can provide smooth torque transmission by using proprietary straightening processes and a range of techniques; these are especially suited for vascular navigation.

Designing high-end medical ultrafine wires that can serve various needs of customers’ specification requirements in health-care industry is a key market challenge faced by manufacturers across regions. Advancements in diagnostic devices will unlock immense growth opportunities in the market. Witnessing the abundant growth prospects in medical ultrafine wire industry, recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Medical Ultrafine Wire Industry, 2011-2021 Market Research Report”. The report offers comprehensive insights into current and emerging trends, key market dynamics and recent technological advancements that will shape up the competitive landscape scenario across various regions.

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