22 December, 2015

Upgradation of Network Architecture Drive Optical Fiber Connector Industry

With increase in data connectivity, shift from cable to satellite networks, and emergence of smartphones fosters the demand of optical fiber. The connectors which mate and align cores of optical fiber are known as optical fiber connector. It enables connection and disconnection of optical fiber with end devices. The major components of connector are ferrule, connector body, and coupling mechanism. Optical fiber connectors are widely used in applications, such as telecommunication systems, aerospace, PCs, military, television broadcasting, industrial lasers, and others.

Recently, US Conec, a leading manufacturer of high density optical fiber connector launched MTP-16 multi-fiber optical connector, which offers physical contact of highest density optical interconnectors. The connector supports duplex links and suitable for cabling applications that require low insertion loss. The unique keying feature is introduced in the connector which ensures proper mating of fiber cores. 

The factors to be considered while designing an optical fiber connector are insertion loss, reflection loss, cost, reliability, and applications. The types of optical fiber connector are FC, LC, SC, ST, MTP, MPO, MU, D4, and others. Based on applications, particular type of connector is selected. For instance, FC connector is selected for telecommunication applications and LC connector is selected for corporate networking applications. Companies from North America and Europe are opening up manufacturing plants in Asia and South America. Emerging economies in those regions play a crucial role in growth of the industry. Standardization of connector types, technological advancements, and upgradation of network infrastructure create new opportunities for optical fiber cable industry.

Many reports have been published that analyze changing market trends of optical fiber connector industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Optical Fiber Connector Industry, 2009-2019.” The report offers an in-depth analysis of market competition, key manufacturers, market dynamics & policies, and industry chain structure of the global optical fiber connector industry with a spotlight on Chinese industry.
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