09 December, 2015

Achieve Precision to Survive in Solder Ball Industry

Ball Grid array (BGA) is a surface mount packaging used in integrated circuits (ICs) for permanently mounting devices such as microprocessors. In BGA packages, solder ball is a tiny sphere of solder that provides the contact between BGA package and printed circuit board (PCB). It is also called as ‘solder bump.’ There are two types of solder balls- lead and lead-free. The type of solder ball is selected based on the wetting conditions. Solder balls could be damaged on tracks if care is not taken while hand soldering or fabrication of BGA packages.

The bad assembly leads to bad connections. The PCB could be damaged due to bad connections. The repairing can be done by the process of Reballing. It is the most economic, accurate and efficient method for repairing. The method involves heating the chip to remove from the board, removing solder from package or board, placing solder balls in place and again heating the package to solder it in place. Placing the solder balls can be carried out in two different ways. First, by using solder paste and stencil for spheres and second, by using semi-automated or fully automated machinery. 
The solder balls are manufactured using various alloys, mixture of alloys in different diameters, tight tolerances and on clean surfaces. A clean and dry environment is necessary for storage and rough handling can damage the balls by changing its dimensions. The precision required while manufacturing solder balls is not possible to implement for every manufacturer. The less competition in this industry provides growth opportunities.

Many reports have been published that analyze changing market dynamics of solder ball industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “The Global and Chinese Solder Ball Industry, 2015 Market Research Report.” The report offers insights on key market drivers and challenges, major companies and growth prospects of global solder ball industry with a spotlight on Chinese market.

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