28 December, 2015

Telescopic Handlers Industry Attracts New Investors

High lifting capacity and reach maximum height without compromising convenience are few reasons for choosing telescopic handlers over conventional forklift machines. Telescopic handler, also known as telehandler or teleporter, is a machine used in agriculture, construction, etc. to move loads from one place to another or lift loads to higher heights. A single telescopic boom is the main part of telehandler that extends forward and upward from the vehicle.

Bobcat, a leading manufacturing company of equipment for constructions, agriculture, and others have entered telehandlers industry in July 2015. Eyeing the growth in sales of agricultural telehandlers, it is trying to set up a dealer network to support customers in UK. It has manufactured 10 new models, out of which, six are suitable for agricultural applications. The Smart Handling System (SHS) has been introduced in those models that enables precise movement of boom and effective speed management. 

Telescopic handlers are gaining prominence owing to its versatility of operation. Various attachments, such as bucket, muck grab, pallet forks, or winch increase productivity of telehandlers. Pallet forks are attached in industrial applications, while bucker grabs are attached in agricultural applications to move loads from one place to places unreachable for conventional forklifts. Telehandlers are widely used as a substitute for forklifts and at the jobsites where carrying cranes is not practical or time-efficient. The demand for fuel-efficient, excellent stability & stopping capability, and robust boom design create opportunities in telescopic handler industry.

Many studies have been done to provide insights on changing market trends of telescopic handler industry. Recently, Prof Research Report has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Telescopic Handler Industry, 2010-2020 Market Research Report.” The report offers an in-depth analysis of current market status, key manufacturers, competitive scenario, and economical impact of global and Chinese telescopic handler industry.

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