09 December, 2015

China Aims to Replace Low-Paid Workers with Robots

China is planning a robot revolution by automating the work done by millions of low-paid workers. The plan will be crucial in reforming economy of China and meeting its production goals. The robotic conference held in Beijing made it clear that robotics will be the priority for China’s economic future. The Vice President of People’s Republic of China, Li Yuanchao, delivered a message from China’s leader, Xi Jinping and congratulated organizers for the effort. The robots presented in the exhibition hall of conference were service robots, entertainment robots and industrial robots. 

China is the largest producer of various things from clothes to electronic gadgets and it majorly depends upon the low-paid, low-cost labor. To overcome the challenges of increased wages and hindered economic growth, Chinese government is eager to see its manufacturing sector becoming more technically advanced with robots replacing labors. China is the largest importer of robots from past two years and estimated to become one third of industrial robots installed worldwide by 2018. The number of robots per worker is less than that of many advanced countries, it indicates that there is a huge potential for growth in industrial robot industry.

The Vice President Li welcomed researchers and companies in robotics across the globe to take part in robotic revolution in China. China will not only become a crucial market for advanced robotic technology but also a largest producer of advanced robots itself. The plan to revolutionize the industrial robots in China boosts the industry across China and international.

Many reports have been published analyzing the current and future market status of industrial robot industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a new report titled “The Global and Chinese Industrial Robot Industry, 2010-2020 Market Research Report.” The report offers in-depth insights on the growth prospects, key manufacturers, economic impact and investment feasibility analysis of the global industrial robot industry with a spotlight on Chinese market. 

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