16 June, 2016

Stay Cables that Conform to Latest Global Standards to Boost their Adoption Across Regions

Stay cables are cables made of strand, wire, or carbon and are used in the construction of bridges and other long span structures. This technology can transfer structural load or hold a structure in position without the use of piers, columns, or any other similar support. The technology is considered as an engineering marvel for reasons more than one. Stay cables can support massive construction structures such as bridges over long distances. The technology has great potential in meeting the increased demand for long span structures in developed and developed nations. Sheer elegance of stay-cable bridges and structural beauty which extends to the skyline are other factors that have led to the high demand for stay cables by engineers. 

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Remarkable aerodynamic stability, reduced costs for the abutments, easier construction of the bridges, lightweight of the overall structures are the features of the stay cables that have fostered the growth of the stay cable industry across the globe. Perhaps, the most crucial factor governing the durability of a bridge is the mechanical strength and the high fatigue resistance of stay-cable components. The absolute strength of the stay cables is due to the property of these cables to channel or distribute the overall structure’s weight; another element which is used along with stay cables to support the structure is a bridge pylon.

Major types of stay cables are parallel steel strand, wire stay cables, and products made of carbon. The BBR HiEx CONA saddle technology recently launched by BBR VT International Ltd, a major Swiss manufacturer in stay cable systems, offers excellent corrosion protection features to bridges and can handle high stress variation, as claimed by the company. In addition, as revealed by the Swiss manufacturer, the stay cables produced by them conform to latest global standards & specifications such as International Federation for Structural Concrete.

Prominent manufacturers developing modern stay cables actively ensure that their products adhere to recent guidelines and specifications. Recent design innovations and technological advancements have led to the growth of the market across regions. Witnessing the huge growth opportunities in the stay cables market and their potential in constructing massive structures, Prof Research has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Stay Cable Industry, 2011-2021 Market Research Report”. The report tracks the changes in current dynamics, recent technology advancements, regulatory framework across major regions, and key design innovations by market players that shape up the current competitive landscape scenario.

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