14 August, 2015

SEC Properties Drives The Global and Chinese Size Exclusion Chromatography Industry

The ‘Size – exclusion Chromatography’ (or SEC) is basically a chromatographic processes that aids in separating molecules in a solution by size. In certain cases it separates these molecules by their weight. Industry experts eyeing the global and Chinese size exclusion chromatography (SEC or GPC) industry indicate that SEC is majorly preferred for large molecules such as industry polymers as well as proteins. The major components of the Size – exclusion Chromatography generally consists of detectors, stationary phase, the pump, the mobile phase as well as the columns. 

Some of the important properties in the stationary are mechanical stability, colourless, uniformity in shape and size, cost – effective and chemically inherent. When selecting the SEC columns the shorter columns are highly recommended as save on time as well as solvent. Likewise, while selecting the pumps the users can choose between syringe pumps or reciprocating pumps the detector types available consists of concentration sensitive detectors and molar mass sensitive detectors. 

Few of the many advantages offered by the detectors includes less analysis time; highly – define separation; flow rate can be easily set and the mobile phase need is short. Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC or GPC) Industry, 2009-2019.” The report takes a closer look at the market size, share and forecast of the SEC or GPC through 2009 to 2019. Apart from that the report also analyses the growth rate, opportunities, supply, import and export, demand, sales plus many others. 

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