18 August, 2015

The Global and Chinese Automobile lift Industry Popularity Of Surface Mounted Lifts To Favour

Auto lift is a hydraulically – powered device that is used to raise the vehicles and make their underside accessible majorly for repair as well as inspection. Growth of several automobile manufacturing and assembling plants have contribute to the expansion of the auto lifts industry. Industry experts eyeing the global and Chinese Automobile lift Industry, 2009-2019 indicate that today, hydraulic auto lift technology has become an important part of engineering. They further indicate that without it several applications in automobile industry would not have been possible.

The automobile heavily rely upon this technology and has contributed to the modern world in a greater way.  These lifts were invented by Peter Lunati to make the day to day life of the repairmen easy, the hydraulic lifts.  The popular categories of automobile lifts comprises of the two post surface mounted, multi post runway, scissors, in –ground, drive –n parallelogram, mobile columns and mid-rise frame engaging. Until the year 1980, the in –ground ones were the widely used auto lifts. However in recent times the surface mounted types are in great demand. Moreover, the surface mounted category are usually bolted to the floor (of a garage) .An electric motor drives such auto lifts.

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