18 July, 2016

FEC40 to Fuel Capsule Filler Machine Industry Growth by Lowering Changeover Time

Fette Compacting has bought a dramatic shift in the capsule filling technology by lowering the changeover time says Jan-Eric Kruse.

Fette Compacting is taking the global capsule filler machine industry by storm since the launch of its first machine in April 2016 say analysts at Prof Research Reports. At Interphex, Fette introduced an equipment that is able to output about 400,000 capsules an hour. Subject matter experts eyeing the growth opportunities, demands, share, and the size of the industry confirm that the company has set a new record through the introduction of the innovation. Jan-Eric Kruse, the Managing Director at Fette Compacting informed that the project began about 3 years ago, although his company has been a prominent player in the tablet pressing industry for approximately 60 years. 

Kruse further explained that the company always looks forward to what else they can do and they found potential in the investment in the capsule filler machine market. The company’s new machine is called the FEC40 and is made of Fette’s Duplex Concept. As per the managing director of the company, venturing into the capsule filling machine came to him naturally. With Fette’s already established strong network and existing relationship in the capsule filler machine industry the journey became smooth. However, before the company entered the market its officials gave a serious thought about the performance in the new sector. 

There are many companies operating in the capsule filler machine sector. Hence, there was always a need for something innovative, and Fette was able to prove its worth when it came with the machines. Being different is considered to be a huge part of any business. The company was always known for giving a higher output and its tablet press reached about 1.6 million tablets an hour. To enhance the FEC40 machine the company has copied the design and function used in tablet press. Kruse further adds that a station has been removed from the system without actually removing the motors, gear drives, and others. These changes in the system minimize the changeover time, which is often time consuming. The system not only saves time, but also offers a good quality product.

Officials at the Group say that they want the group to achieve a sales target of about EURO 450 million by 2020. With a significant role played by the new capsule filler Fetter plans to lead the tabulating technology sector, tapping new segments in the capsule filler machine industry. Echoing his sentiments about the latest innovation Olaf J. Muller the Chief Operating Officer at Fetter highlighted that the company wishes to get involved as well as grow. Muller further added that the forerunners of the company have given a careful thought after considering the customer requirements. 

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