03 March, 2016

Capability to Thwart Fungal Diseases Increases the Application of Origanum Oil Industry

Today, health benefits provided by the origanum oil has contributed to its growth worldwide including China. Its antifungal, anti -inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties among others have encouraged its application in different products.  Recently a group of scientists from China confirmed the benefits of this oil on birds. Oil had a remarkable effect on the intestinal health and production of the broilers. Researchers further revealed that the oil can be used as a replacement for AGP or antibiotic growth promoters. The experiment was conducted on approximated 448 birds. The birds who received origanum oil exhibited improved body weight compared to the ones that did not.

Another study indicated that the oil can not only thwart fungal disease but also preserves fruits and vegetables longer.  The study was conducted by a team of experts from the famous National University of Mexico. In a recent press release the team confirmed that using this oil can help in preventing some popular fungal diseases from perishing the packaged items, that often results in economic loss. Commenting on the new discovery Trejo added "The idea is that the packaging materials incorporate the antimicrobial agent as an additional protective barrier. It is a method of preservation which extends its life and reduces the risk of transmitting pathogens to food."

Many medical practitioners reveal that the oil contains many vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the immune system. The oil contains important compounds such as rosmarinic acid that are considered as natural histamine reducers. Physicians say that studies indicate that the impact of the oil on the nasal passage has been remarkable and that it can be used for certain antibiotic treatments. Eyeing the recent study in the market Prof Research Report has added a report titled “Global and Chinese Origanum Oil Industry, 2010-2020 Market Research Report.” The study weighs up on the business performance of the industry across the United States, Europe, China and Japan. In addition, the critical imperatives such as the key drivers, restraints, opportunities, demand, supply, shortage, consumption volume and market share and size are also discussed in these market research report.

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