24 November, 2015

Need for Work Efficiency and Quality Drives Global and Chinese Scissor Lift Industry

The scissor lift is an aerial work platform(AWP), also known as elevating work platform(EWP) in which crisscrossed folding supports are used to move a work platform vertically upward to provide temporary access for people and equipment to inaccessible areas. Scissor lifts used for temporary and flexible access purpose at construction sites or by firefighters in case of emergency, which distinguishes it from elevators. Scissor lifts are designed for lifting limited weight, usually less than a ton. As the pressure is applied at the lowest set of supporting elements of lifts, crisscrossed pattern extends and a work platform moves upward. Depending upon the power system, the contraction is achieved through hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical pressure. A single person is capable of setting up and operating a scissor lift equipment.

Farmgem launched a scissor lift platform for fruit growers. It is available in a tractor-towed version and a self-propelled version, which provides various operating widths suitable for growing fruits such as apple, apricot or plum orchards. This adjustable scissor lift platform provides an expected working height to operate safely and conveniently. Farmgem’s scissor lift platform is equipped with an air-operated maintenance and harvest tools along with compressor and air tank. The advancement in technology and market innovation benefit the global market.

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The factors driving the global and Chinese scissor lift industry include improved mobility, improvement in efficiency & quality of work, durable lifting platform and affordable cost.
The factors considered for selecting an appropriate scissor lift equipment for particular application are capacity, means of loading & unloading, platform size, nature of a load, and special features & accessories required. Capacity is sum of live weight and dead weight to be placed on lift. Nature of a load depends on the weight, dimension and center of gravity of load. The means of loading and unloading are side loading, edge loading, slide loading, and others. Platform size is significant if a device such as conveyor is to be mounted on platform. Special features & accessories required are of two types – standard options, which are included in catalog by manufacturers and items requiring factory consultation.

Scissor lifts are designed for easy movement and used for temporary purposes. The motive mechanisms employed to move scissor lifts are unpowered, self-propelled and vehicle-mounted. In unpowered mechanism, an external force is required to move scissor lifts. In some cases, small unpowered scissor lifts require a pick-up truck to move from one site to another. Self-propelled scissor lifts are able to drive themselves around a site. In some cases, this type of equipment is capable of moving while job is in progress. In vehicle-mounted mechanism, lifts are mounted on truck or flat back of van, which improves functionality and mobility. The safety rules and regulations mentioned by manufactures must be followed to avoid serious injuries or death.

Scissor lifts are primarily used in paper mills, packaging material mills, printing plants, distribution centers, construction sites, furniture manufacturing, aerospace industry, metal processing, loading docks, production centers using conveyor automation machinery, freight lifts, and others.The global and Chinese scissor lift market is classified on the basis of companies, applications and countries such as USA, EU, Japan, China and others.

Several studies published on scissor lift market focus on the major market drivers and opportunities. One such study has been added by Prof Market Research .. The report titled “Global and Chinese Scissor Lift Industry, 2010-2020.” provides key market analysis of historic period, 2010-2015, and forecast period, 2015-2020. The report provides an in-depth analysis about the current status and development scope of the global scissor lift industry with a spotlight on Chinese market. The report presents concerned businesses and market investors with important proposals for a new project along with market-entry strategies and marketing channels.

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